Working with Wines – The Traveling Vineyard Dream

Did you know that the enormous amount of wine consumers in the world has achieved the “most consumed alcoholic drink” milestone? It is an impressive number compared to the other beverages and its consumption around the globe Because of that favoritism, it is evident that those wine enthusiasts who can benefit from that love and make an earning out of it always come on top, and there are plenty of organizations out there that can serve that purpose.

This article will be dedicated to Traveling Vineyard, an incredible institution, a company that has the focus on finding these wine enthusiasts and finding roles for them to fulfill their dreams of working in the wine industry. Traveling Vineyard has many propositions for people who would like to have an extra earning while working in the field, and the most famous one working as a wine guide.

Wine guides who are hired by this company are constantly traveling with the group to many exotic places and serving as, well, a guide, while explaining many of the cultures behind that place and its correlation with the drink as well as learning a lot themselves. Wine guides usually love their jobs because only those who already would love to travel and taste exotic wines are called to participate on the traveling vineyard guide training. Apart from that, wine guides are getting paid for doing what most of them would be doing anyway: Wine Enthusiasts love tasting exquisite drinks, and they get paid now if they take the extra time to explain labels and tastes to other people.

Wine guides do not only travel to exotic places, but there is also the proposition of serving as a host of a wine-tasting party, something that many of the wine guides adore doing. The opportunity to earn benefits and money doing something that they would like to do anyway, but now they have guidelines and more info on how to conduct such parties, is something that many wine guides are very grateful for.

Traveling Vineyard is one of the best companies if you want to start working as a wine guide, even if you have never worked in the field before or if you think on don’t have enough prior knowledge to assume the role: They have plenty of training and support for any type of wine enthusiast, as long as the passion is there. With more than 24 million liters of wine being drank every year, the choice of working with wine is a dream for many wine lovers.