The US Money Reserve Rolls Out Website With More Features

The US Money Reserve has a new look that its engineering and technical team gave it recently when they decided to redo the website. The new website now has more images of its coin and bullion galleries and more details on introductory investment guides.

The US Money Reserve wanted to have a more modern look to its design and become compatible for all devices, but it also undertook the website redesign to make customer service even better. With Client-Connect Advantage their customer service representatives are just a click away when needed for purchase or return help, or for more information on transfer plans.

The US Money Reserve has benefited from Philip Diehl as the company president. Diehl was the former US Mint Director so his experience in coins transcends that of most other private gold and silver investment company executives. While he was US Mint Director Diehl changed the way the agency operated and grew the profit from $727 million to $2.6 billion.

In fact, Diehl’s efforts to modernize the US Mint’s operations earned the agency the second-highest customer satisfaction rating out of all businesses in the nation in 1998. His drive to make customer service a top priority attracted US Money Reserve to him when his time as US Mint Director expired, and in 2001 he joined the private company based in Austin, TX. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

US Money Reserve has a lot of information on how to get started buying gold and silver currency. It’s not just simply to display your wealth, gold and silver can be a safe haven if the world economy experiences a large fallout or burst in the bubble.

When that happens you’ll want to have your finances protected by a reliable form of legal tender that won’t be subject to interest rates or inflation and will always have a demand such as gold coins or bars. You can also transfer investments in other funds to gold or silver bullion.

Usually you cannot withdraw funds from an IRA or other retirement accounts until you reach a certain age, but with an IRA transfer kit like the one US Money Reserve has you can move your funds once you’ve taken the proper steps.

IRA transfer information is available on the US Money Reserve website as well as other information on prices and quantity. While investing in precious metals and their forms can have its risks, it’s often a good move to consider just in case the worst comes to happen.