The Values and Principles of IC System

Debt collection giant, IC System, has an unparalleled legacy in the collection sector. With eighty years of service, the accounts receivable company has remained a permanent fixture in the industry since its inception, in 1938.


The company’s nationwide footprint has played a key role in the strength and longevity of IC System. The growth of the company also rested on the company’s ability to stay ahead of the technological curve.


Over its eight-decade existence, IC System has remained a leader and trendsetter in the industry. In fact, the company holds the distinction of being the first debt collection company to institute the use of computers rather than typewriters.


This family-owned company was started by Jack and Ruth Erickson, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ownership of the company has transferred through three generations of Erickson’s. The growth of the company has never compromised the principles and values the company, and the family has always held so dear.


IC System places a strong focus on the helping the community, and the world as a whole. The philanthropic efforts of the company are plentiful and include offering time, money, resources and services. IC supports charities such as Toys for Tots, The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics and more.


In step with the philanthropic effort of the company, IC is also environmentally aware, and actively exercises sustainable practices throughout the organization. The company stresses carbon neutrality by utilization of renewable materials, and proper consideration of the impact we have on our land and infrastructure.


The company also has good core values and emphasizes key conduct codes and ideologies throughout the company. The five key values enforced by the company include: treating people with respect, delivering performance and results, prioritizing integrity, fostering innovation, and taking pride in the company’s work. IC System offers a quarterly, Core Values Award to the one employee that best exemplifies the central values of the company.

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