Trabuco: The Iconic Ancient War Machine

In the ancient ages the human kind was developing their revolutionary tactics and war was common to colonize other states that had great resources. By then, the world was not a global family and thus war was the only way to acquire the resources that one community did not have. However, in those ages there were no modern tools of war unlike the modern guns and bombs. The main tools of war were the swords, axes and bows. These were tools used before more advanced tools like the Trabuco were invented.

The Trabuco would use the projectile means of converting the potential energy to kinetic energy that would throw stones and fireballs to the enemy counterparts during the time of war. It was a tool that was mainly used by the European in China. The Trabuco was first made in the century of 400 BC according to

Trabuco is an ancient war weapon that was used in the ancient centuries. It was mainly used to break the walls of the enemies by firing the fireballs. There were different types of Trabuco that consist of the traction and the balancing one. The history of the Trabuco can be dated back in the age of crusades in China according to The European believed that the machine was very great and terrifying among other weapons that were present by then. The Trabuco was first made in the century of 400 BC. Trabuco was invented in China and in 600 AD it was brought to the Europe for the first time.

After the invention of the Gunpowder, Trabuco was later abandoned. This is because the use of Gunpowder was efficient in war more than the Trabuco. However, Trabuco remains one of the ancient tools that is used in the education sector in elaborating of the mechanical principles on Also it is a critical tool that explains the historical revolutions of human kind and his inventions over time. It is also a war tool that has been archived in the many museums in the European countries and the states that they colonized during the middle age era.