Rick Cofer Takes Recycling Seriously

The people of Austin, Texas have a problem finding places for recycling and composting at their public parks and facilities. Rick Cofer and his task force, The Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force, have some ideas regarding how to change that.


The task force began last June when the Austin City Council approved it as a way to support Austin’s Zero Waste Plan. The Zero Waste Plan has a goal of reducing landfill waste by 90% by 2040.


Rick Cofer, chairman of the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force, says that recycling and composting options in Austin City Parks are “sorely lagging.” He and his task force hope that changes in the near future. He says that most city parks in Austin do not have any recycling. The task force has proposed two budget options. Option A, a one year plan, and Option B, a two year plan. Option A would cost more than 1.3 million dollars and includes a monthly clean community fee increase as high as .31 cents. Option B would cost about $802,500 dollars with monthly clean community fees increasing up to .16 cents. Both budget options would gather additional monies from the city budget and donors. The task force is leaning towards Option B. If City Council approves the budget, staff could be hired and serious planning could commence, resources could be acquired, and phase one of the task force’s plan could be implemented.


Phase one has to recycle and composting bins being placed at all aquatic facilities, athletic complexes, metropolitan parks, and golf courses. Phase two places bins in district parks and phase 3 looks at placing bins in neighborhood parks and facilities.


Rick Cofer spent ten years as a prosecutor and defense attorney before opening his own law firm. He offers a wide spectrum of practice areas and has tried well over 100 cases while resolving thousands of others.


Rick Cofer is very active in the Austin community. He holds positions of leadership on many boards, including chairman of the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force. He has also served the Democratic Party faithfully and on many levels. He loves spending time outdoors and enjoys taking photographs of his dog who happens to be quite popular on Instagram.







Legacy Building

Compensating employees with stocks is not always the best way to go, especially with so much regulator scrutiny placed on most all transactions of an appreciable size. Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney with his own firm who advises on all kinds of employee compensation packages, has an alternative to stock options for senior level executives. The solution he has is called a “knockout option.” There are a number of reasons why stock options are not good, including stock value drops, which serve to negate the selling option often times, and for employers, they represent an accounting challenge. The costs of managing these options are greater than the benefits of the programs at times.


Knockout options have most of the same features as stock options, including time limits and tenure-of-service clauses, but they differ in what happens if the stock value falls under a certain amount. Employees will lose knockout options if a preset value is breached. These types of options give employees the right to purchase stock at a particular price, and invariably a 50% drop from the knockout option price will mark the expiration value. This is not automatic, however, and most of the time these deals are structured so that the price has to remain below the expiration value for a period of time, perhaps a week.


Prior to starting his own firm specializing in helping companies manage employee compensation packages, Jeremy Goldstein worked on a number of large-scale acquisitions as a partner at a large New York law firm. During that time he worked on several M&A deals, including Goldman Sachs and Kinder Morgan, and the Verizon Wireless/Alltell deal. He also served on the American Bar Association’s Executive Compensation Committee.


A stalwart in his field, Mr. Goldstein was nominated top legal talent in executive compensation by the publication “Legal 500.” Having graduated from the University of Chicago, with honors, and going on to New York University School of Law, where he received his J.D., Jeffrey Goldstein is creating a legacy of great work in employee compensation plans that work for employees and employers alike. Learn more: https://profiles.superlawyers.com/new-york-metro/new-york/lawfirm/jeremy-l-goldstein-and-associates-llc/a958e5a0-ace7-44fa-8f53-da9d83c3b29b.html