Rocketship Chartered Education

The story of High Test Scores has indeed been defended and admired by many individuals including Watters who has been tweeting about Rocketship education.

Actually, Kamenetz is shading more light on the internal charter practices that previously have not been reported. Most critics who support Rocketship education are for the idea that the NPR piece to be painted with a complete and a fair picture of the network which will focus exclusively on the challenges that are being experienced without context.

According to Richard Whitmire who is an author and a journalist, for you to qualify as in depth you do not need to compare the Rocketship education charters with the neighbourhood schools.

An original piece of an article that was written by blogger Anya described the Rocketship Education networks as the most nationally recommended networks. That piece of an article relied on information about challenging practices of the network. It suggests that those practices also practised other different charter networks.

The long learning hours, tight discipline, ritualistic classroom protocol, and high pressure are the same as those which are practised in other neighbouring charter school networks.

Earlier, Rocketship schools adopted tech model and later realized that it was to lower its expansion objectives and change its model which has been a key subject that was given more weight.

On his Twitter account, Kamenetz defended the idea of balance in journalism terms. He quoted an unhappy ex-parent and a happy parent. However, the piece could include little on the reasons why rocket schools are more popular. The piece of the article is narrow but very deep. What was noted in this piece is the author’s repetition in describing rocket schools as an organization.

The choice of words is a sensitive aspect in the educational world in which the accusations of the school being private or commercial oriented are very essential.

In conclusion, the word company is usually a reference to a profit-making organization. Defenders of rocket schools specify that nonprofits mostly are dependent for-profit organizations for materials. Therefore the difference in taxation is not important. These schools are not described as corporations