Sightsavers Hopes to Prevent Blindness Through Working Medicine with GiveWell

800 million people with disabilities are being ignored and Sightsavers is working hard to help them. With programs from Sightsavers and their partners, they are able to connect the dots to change this in areas that are largely forgotten about. Sightsavers knows that it is about the connections they make that helps them achieve their goals.


Sightsavers has a mission to save the sights of the people living in areas who are afflicted by blindness and other vision issues caused by problems that are preventable and even treatable. They partner with organizations, governments, and locals of the areas to distribute the education and supplies that are needed to make a difference. By working together Sightsavers has been able to save the vision of thousands of children and adults.


One of Sightsavers’ main focuses is the treatment of neglected tropical diseases in countries who do not have reliable access to modern medicine. Based out of the United Kingdom, Sightsavers has multiple programs that they implement to achieve these aspirations. Blindness is devastating to those who it effects and can prevent them from earning their own income and living their life to the fullest without pain.


One of the latest initiatives of Sightsavers involves distributing deworming products to children in the non-developed areas that they work in. While there may not be much data yet about how deworming can improve the lives of those who it is distributed to, there is still evidence that it greatly reduces the worm load. Sightsavers is working with GiveWell in order to distribute this medication on a much greater scale. With preliminary studies showing at least some level of positive outcomes after smaller distributions, the low cost of the treatment has led them to see what happens on a larger scale.


Sightsavers and GiveWell have found it difficult to estimate what the exact cost of the initiatives will be as there are many factors that they cannot take into account yet. An early estimate suggests that it will only cost $1.19 to distribute the treatment to each child involved. For Sightsavers themselves, they estimate that they will be needing around $.55 per dose as they are expecting to receive help from different government organizations both locally and around the world as well as doses of the medication donated to their organization. They predict that there will be funding issues for their program that they hope will be remedied by donations in the next year.


Why Drew Madden Ranks among the Smart Entrepreneurs out to Salvage the American Healthcare Industry

The American healthcare industry has come a long way. In the ‘90s, the average life expectancy in the U.S was 47 years. Nearly two decades later, there is no denying that the healthcare sector has made tremendous strides, resulting in a life expectancy of 78 years (2015).

While healthcare pundits are in agreement that the American healthcare sector has tremendously changed in favor of the healthcare consumer, they have raised pertinent questions. They wonder why Japan and Greece, for instance, have higher average life expectancies yet they spend fewer resources per person as compared to America. Japan, with a life expectancy of 83 years, spends less than $4000 per person in healthcare costs. America, however, spends over $9,000 per person in healthcare costs—the highest of all the nations considered. If anything, the U.S should have the highest life expectancy figure.

The American healthcare industry abounds several questions, with no tangible answers. Mike Townsend, a contributing writer at TechCrunch and an entrepreneur in healthcare, suggests that inefficiencies in the American healthcare industry have resulted in wastage of resources.

The question then is, “how do we eliminate wastage?” Townsend suggests that innovations are the healthcare’s best bet to turn the sector around. Smart entrepreneurs are respected for being innovative, and the more of them we have in the healthcare field, the better the industry’s chances of generating new efficient ways of dealing with challenges.

Drew Madden

He ranks among the smart entrepreneurs working to salvage the American healthcare field. He is one of the best electronic health records specialists in the field. Drew Madden has over ten years working to solve the complex challenges associated with electronic medical records (EMRs). He presently works alongside other passionate professionals at Evergreen Healthcare Partners on matters electronic health records.

Drew Madden is a unique entrepreneur with unmatched managerial abilities; he demonstrated the same at Nordic Consulting Partners where he was the president between 2011 and 2016. At Nordic, he spearheaded the firm’s growth that saw its revenues balloon to $130 million, down from $1 million. Nordic’s clients and employees also increased.