Jeunesse Global Creates Highly Touted Y.E.S. System

Jeunesse Global, one of the fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty sector, has recently unveiled its total beauty system, which consists of more than a dozen of the company’s most popular products. Known as the YES System, this comprehensive health and beauty regime allows people to feel better, get a better night’s sleep and look their best.

The YES System is the culmination of years of product development. Jeunesse has always focused on creating products that meet the specific health and beauty needs of niche markets. Now, it is offering a far more comprehensive health and beauty system, which is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and others who lead an active lifestyle.

The YES System also enables buyers to avoid having to go to multiple different sources to get their products. This eliminates considerable hassle in finding all of the essential health and beauty tools that one needs to stay at the top of their game. In this sense, the YES System is a sort of one-stop shopping experience, but those who purchase it never even need to leave their homes!

Among the products contained within this revolutionary new system are the company’s wildly popular skincare crème. Known as Luminesce, the product was developed for use by people all over the globe. It comes in nine different skin shade colors, allowing users to match their own skin color. For markets in East Asia and elsewhere, Luminesce can also act as a powerful skin whitening crème, making it able to accomplish multiple beauty tasks in one product.

The secret behind Luminesce is its use of a proprietary molecule synthesized especially for use in the company‘s products. Known as APT-200, the molecule has been scientifically proven to restore skin elasticity, conceal wrinkles and give a youthful, vibrant glow to users’ skin. The crème only requires one application per day, allowing the user to engage in a stressful and highly active lifestyle without worrying about having to constantly reapply their skincare products.

These are just a few of the exciting innovations coming out of the Jeunesse research and development labs.