Graeme Holm Elevates Infinity Group Australia to Prosperity

Graeme Holm cofounded Infinity Group Australia with Rebecca Walker in 2013. Their goal was to help the people of Australia secure their future and improve their finances. Since then, Infinity Group Australia has grown to become a global assets management and debt reduction service firm. The company’s growth is attributed to its customer-driven approach that was introduced by Graeme Holm. As the current director of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm features in the list of Top 100 MBA Brokers.


Graeme Holm has accreditations in financial planning, real estate, and wealth management. In fact, he has 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. Graeme Holm began his career in the banking sector, and over time got frustrated with dealing with only one type of service and branded products. As a result, he realized that financial institutions could not give Australian families the value they deserved for their money. That’s what inspired him to establish the Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. through which he intends to change the financial lives of the Australians. The idea behind Infinity Group Australia was inspired by the need to guide and support ordinary Australians in their business endeavors.


Infinity Group Australia aims to use personal banker repay loans to solve challenges plaguing the mortgage market in Australia. Infinity Group Australia reviews assist clients in maintaining and developing budgets, detailed reviews, and monthly performance reports to ensure they achieve their financial goals. Over time, its efforts have yielded desirable results with most of its clients minimizing the duration of loan repayment from 12 months to 3 months. Through its retirement solutions, wealth creation, and debt reduction services, Infinity Group Australia has helped eliminate an average annual debt of $41,000 for each of its clients.


Graeme Holm points out that Infinity Group Australia has been prosperous in its endeavors because of its approach to its clients. It handles all financial issues on behalf of its clients to allow them go about their daily activities stress-free. Moreover, Infinity Group Australia advises its clients on potential investment opportunities to enable them to achieve things they thought were impossible. Infinity Group Australia leverages its culture of collaboration, excellent customer service, involvement with the community, and technology to offer top-notch financial management services. Learn more: