Betsy DeVos Sets The Tone For Education Reform

There hasn’t been a more partisan political world in the United States of America since the Civil War. While that sentence may seem hyperbolic, the reality is that we are a divided nation and healing will take a lot of hard work. Nobody knows about this divide more than Republican President Trump. While President Trump can certainly be blamed for a fair share of the divisiveness, the truth is that politics has simply become cutthroat and everyone is out for blood. With that being said, Republicans and conservatives everywhere need to know that they have someone tough on their side to stand up for their ideals and it may be Betsy DeVos that leads the way.


Betsy DeVos is probably the most important member of Trump’s Presidential Cabinet. As the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has the job of championing conservative education reform in an environment that is not at all conducive to finding a middle ground. With that being said, Betsy DeVos might be the perfect conservative champion for this kind of environment and you need only look at her pas in order to come to this realization. Let’s go ahead and look at Betsy DeVos as a modern conservative champion while analyzing how she’s already made an impact within the hallowed halls of Washington D.C.


One of the most compelling moments of Betsy DeVos’s young career in Washington D.C. came on the heels of President Trump’s announcements that he was stripping federal protections for LGBTQ individuals everywhere. This was obviously a divisive decision and one that would have sent any meek politician hiding behind platitudes. As we’ve said before, Betsy DeVos is a champion and she’s willing to fight what she believes in, even at the expense of her own party. DeVos quietly aired her concerns to the Trump Administration before realizing that she wasn’t going to be heard in a meaningful way. Instead of making a public stink and causing a scene that would damage her political party, Betsy DeVos quietly called a meeting for all open members of the LGBTQ community in her department. She went over President Trump’s decision and told the members of the meeting that she would fight for them. It was a small moment that will ultimately be lost in the news cycle but it was an important one all the same.


After being brought into the Department of Education, DeVos tried to call a meeting with prominent leaders of the various teacher’s unions in the country. Of the few that did respond, all of them came away with the same conclusion: Betsy DeVos is razor sharp, focused on her ideals, and unwilling to be pushed around. Now how is that for a conservative champion?


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