End Citizens United : Draining The Real Swamp

The Big Money 20, a list of members of Congress who are the worst offenders in putting the interest of big money donors before their constituents. Recently End Citizens United has added U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus to the list and vowed to remove Rothfus from office and help elect a candidate that pledges to bring finance reform. End Citizens United is backing up those words with a whopping $35 million dollars of their own money, much of it donated from small individual donors.

End Citizens United is an advocacy group calling for finance reform after the Supreme Court ruling in 2010 that allowed big corporate money to donate to candidates with almost no overwatch. The ruling has also managed to open a wormhole of various loopholes that candidates and corporate donors use to cover their tracks, a tactic that only harms our democracy and our citizens. Visit End Citizens United on Twitter for updates.

Today the candidate being backed by End Citizens United is Democrat Conor Lamb who has pledged to bring campaign finance reform. The message of removing big money from politics is a way of capturing the Trump voters and switching them to vote democrat. The idea behind this is that by running on this message it may resonate with people who found the “drain the swamp” tactic convincing enough to vote for Trump in 2016. Of course, this organization leads by example, as all its donations come from individuals.

Rep. Keith Rothfus has gone to accuse Lamb of back peddling on his promise to only accept individual donations, calling Mr.Lamp the “The Manchurian Liberal” for accepting a donation from Rosie O’Donnell. However, Rep. Rothfus is no angel here, he himself is planned to be backed by outsider donations as well. Recently, a digital ad-buy from outside sources has bought pro Rothfus ads in his district.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1639910D:US-end-citizens-united