Eco-Adventure Locations For The World Traveler

Does the natural world draw you? Is your idea of a great vacation spent getting out into the wild and having amazing eco-adventures? Do you try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and make your vacations accordingly? Then we’ve got some great destinations for you! We compiled this list with certain criteria, including that the locations have to have abundant natural resources that were being carefully managed by their tourism industry.Learn more :


Norwegian Fjords

As if their remote location wasn’t sufficient, the Norwegian government works hard to ensure that these areas are protected through strict environmental regulations. A positive paradise of roaring waterfalls, snowy mountaintops, and waters so clear you can count the fish, it’s a great destination for hikers, cyclers, and kayak enthusiasts alike. Definitely a place you can feel good about visiting.


Kerala, India

Tucked away on the southwestern coast of India, Kerala is known as “God’s own country.” As you wander through the untouched forests and pristine beaches, it won’t take you long to understand why. Previously in danger from forest clearing, the government has protected those forests and their tourism industry focuses on environmentally friendly travel through the area. 10,000 plant species and hundreds of animals unique to this part of the world await you.Learn more :



There’s something magnificent about Africa’s savannah, and they draw environmental adventurers from all over the world. Carefully monitored by Ecotourism Kenya through community outreach programs and widespread education, this is a fantastic destination for those seeking the opportunity to view megafauna like Elephants in the wild. June and October are your target months!


Taos, New Mexico

Alright, this one may seem a little less exotic to those who look for international travel, but we promise you won’t be disappointed. You can rent Earthships (A form of environmental home built in harmony with the Earth) and spend your vacation among the Sangre de Crisco mountains and it’s artist colony. A perfect stop for eco-minded free spirits.


Wild Ark works with eco-minded organizations and people to help preserve the world for future eco-adventurers. It’s founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson have an abiding love for the wild and educate people about the perils facing it and how they can make a difference. Like all nature lovers, they love visiting the wild and remote places in the world, and try to ensure that it traveler’s can do so responsibly through their work in protecting biodiversity.