Perry Mandela Spirit of Giving

Perry Mandela founded custom care charities. Perry Mandela is also a leader in the transportation industry. His main dedication is to help his Church, family, and others in need. He used to serve as a marine corp in United State after 1975 graduation from high school. What fueled Perry Mandela in the industry of transport is learning to drive a truck that was during day tour activity. When Perry Mandela was discharged honorably, he continued with his interest in working in the industry of transport.


At the age of 23 years, Perry Mandela had worked for many transportation businesses and he started his own in 1980. after five years he sold the business. By that time he had political interest and was serving for Republican Party as committeeman in Chicago for a period of four years. He was the youngest person holding that position.


Perry Mandela started Custom Companies Inc in 1986, a company that is still thriving even today. It is a business company employing many workers. It provides transport both domestic and foreign. The company has a distribution facility and bonded warehouse.


Perry Mandela is serving as board member of Jesse White Tumblers which is a Connie Payton & Walter foundation. As a member, he organized for distribution and collection of the donated 6,500 winter coats. The coats were for the children and those families that are needy in Chicago metro area.


On behalf of the transport company he owns, he donated transport services to help in disaster relief efforts. The services were experienced in business and residents in Washington. In addition, Perry Mandela and his company also donated to families affected by destruction with supplies.


He also helped in the coordination of the relief in a disaster that had happened outside Illinois. The Custom company had relayed 40 truckloads of food and supplies to people who had been affected by the Hurricane Katrina. The items were also distributed to Louisiana and Mississippi people.


In recent wildfire that occurred in Chicago, Perry Mandela helped with transportation services. They gave supplies to the victims that had lost their belongings and homes. The company also participates in Environmental protection agency, a program designated to reduce fuel usage and emission.

The Values and Principles of IC System

Debt collection giant, IC System, has an unparalleled legacy in the collection sector. With eighty years of service, the accounts receivable company has remained a permanent fixture in the industry since its inception, in 1938.


The company’s nationwide footprint has played a key role in the strength and longevity of IC System. The growth of the company also rested on the company’s ability to stay ahead of the technological curve.


Over its eight-decade existence, IC System has remained a leader and trendsetter in the industry. In fact, the company holds the distinction of being the first debt collection company to institute the use of computers rather than typewriters.


This family-owned company was started by Jack and Ruth Erickson, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ownership of the company has transferred through three generations of Erickson’s. The growth of the company has never compromised the principles and values the company, and the family has always held so dear.


IC System places a strong focus on the helping the community, and the world as a whole. The philanthropic efforts of the company are plentiful and include offering time, money, resources and services. IC supports charities such as Toys for Tots, The American Red Cross, The Special Olympics and more.


In step with the philanthropic effort of the company, IC is also environmentally aware, and actively exercises sustainable practices throughout the organization. The company stresses carbon neutrality by utilization of renewable materials, and proper consideration of the impact we have on our land and infrastructure.


The company also has good core values and emphasizes key conduct codes and ideologies throughout the company. The five key values enforced by the company include: treating people with respect, delivering performance and results, prioritizing integrity, fostering innovation, and taking pride in the company’s work. IC System offers a quarterly, Core Values Award to the one employee that best exemplifies the central values of the company.

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