Krishen Iyer: Founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services

Working as an online partner together with Quick Link Marketing, currently known as Managed Benefits, Mr.Krishen Iyer has depended on his far-reaching skills in online marketing, client relations and technical development to carry out his day-to-day activities and responsibilities while working for the company.

Krishen Iyer who has been living in California for a long time is currently residing in the Fresno neighborhood. Mr. Krishen Iyer played a critical role in making Quick Link Marketing’s successful. This possible as it relates closely to the business’s capacity to deliver highly effective and quality marketing solutions through connecting its customers with upcoming and established lead-generation firms that are capable of meeting every individual customer-specific marketing needs.

Krishen Iyer professional vocation has been greatly shaped by a persistent rational curiosity combined with a detail-oriented mindset. However, these important qualities were very evident long before when the technical development and online marketing expert merged with Quick Link Marketing to become an online partner.

Mr. Iyer’s attention and inquisitiveness to detail helped him to succeed throughout his professional career. This includes being a student at both San Diego State University and Grossmont College. At San Diego State University, Mr. Iyer was able to gain his bachelor’s degree where he majored in urban development and public administration.

Regardless of the busy career schedule required by his role working at Quick Link Marketing, Mr. Iyer devotes a lot of his time to organizations and community service programs. Mr. Iyer frequently joins up during cleanup efforts in local parks in his hometown and also offers support and advice to catastrophic global humanitarian crises. These include, for example, his recognized sponsorship of less fortunate children overseas plus the regular contributions he makes to the ongoing Haiti humanitarian relief efforts. According to Krishen Iyer, Technological innovation plays a great role in making connections. This has helped several companies that include Quick Link Marketing to remain relevant in the competitive business environment.

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