OSI Industries Makes Multiple Moves To Cement Its Place As A Leader In The Global Food Sector

In recent times, OSI Industries has been focusing on growing its existing operations and expanding into new territory. One its more impressive recent moves took place in Toledo, Spain where the company has doubled its chicken production capacity from 12,000 tons a year to 24,000 tons a year. The company is now able to produce a combined amount of 45,000 tons of pork, beef, and chicken products every year. The expansion also opened up 20 new positions at the factory, which brings the total number of employees there to 160. José María del Río, managing director of OSI in Spain, has revealed that the demand for chicken products has been steadily growing in the region and that the expansions will help to meet the needs of the company’s customers there.

The updates to the facility in Toledo, Spain included additions that will help the company to meet its expectations to remain sustainable. The company also added a new test kitchen where fresh ideas for new products will be tried out and then rolled out to the public. Updates at the plant have also reduced the amount of electricity that it uses by 20%. OSI also added a cogeneration system and refrigerator that allows the company to more efficiently manage its water usage and use heat efficiently that would otherwise be wasted.

OSI Industries was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in the early 1900s, and he grew the company by allowing his sons to take part in the business. In the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin, the company’s CEO, joined forces with OSI and helped it to expand rapidly all over the globe. OSI was recently given the 2017 International Safety Award by the British Safety Council, which is an award that recognizes health and safety practices in a company. The same organization also handed OSI the Globe of Honour Award in 2013, 2015, and 2016 in recognition of the company’s environmental management practices.

OSI Industries has been on an expansion mission for some time and has recently purchased a former Tyson Foods facility in Chicago to bolster its offerings in the region as well as the nation and to support another nearby facility. The company also acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe, which will go a long way towards reaching new markets in Europe. As momentum builds, OSI expects to grow more and more and to continue to offer its customers some of the best food options in the world.

Rocketship Chartered Education

The story of High Test Scores has indeed been defended and admired by many individuals including Watters who has been tweeting about Rocketship education.

Actually, Kamenetz is shading more light on the internal charter practices that previously have not been reported. Most critics who support Rocketship education are for the idea that the NPR piece to be painted with a complete and a fair picture of the network which will focus exclusively on the challenges that are being experienced without context.

According to Richard Whitmire who is an author and a journalist, for you to qualify as in depth you do not need to compare the Rocketship education charters with the neighbourhood schools.

An original piece of an article that was written by blogger Anya described the Rocketship Education networks as the most nationally recommended networks. That piece of an article relied on information about challenging practices of the network. It suggests that those practices also practised other different charter networks.

The long learning hours, tight discipline, ritualistic classroom protocol, and high pressure are the same as those which are practised in other neighbouring charter school networks.

Earlier, Rocketship schools adopted tech model and later realized that it was to lower its expansion objectives and change its model which has been a key subject that was given more weight.

On his Twitter account, Kamenetz defended the idea of balance in journalism terms. He quoted an unhappy ex-parent and a happy parent. However, the piece could include little on the reasons why rocket schools are more popular. The piece of the article is narrow but very deep. What was noted in this piece is the author’s repetition in describing rocket schools as an organization.

The choice of words is a sensitive aspect in the educational world in which the accusations of the school being private or commercial oriented are very essential.

In conclusion, the word company is usually a reference to a profit-making organization. Defenders of rocket schools specify that nonprofits mostly are dependent for-profit organizations for materials. Therefore the difference in taxation is not important. These schools are not described as corporations

Sightsavers Hopes to Prevent Blindness Through Working Medicine with GiveWell

800 million people with disabilities are being ignored and Sightsavers is working hard to help them. With programs from Sightsavers and their partners, they are able to connect the dots to change this in areas that are largely forgotten about. Sightsavers knows that it is about the connections they make that helps them achieve their goals.


Sightsavers has a mission to save the sights of the people living in areas who are afflicted by blindness and other vision issues caused by problems that are preventable and even treatable. They partner with organizations, governments, and locals of the areas to distribute the education and supplies that are needed to make a difference. By working together Sightsavers has been able to save the vision of thousands of children and adults.


One of Sightsavers’ main focuses is the treatment of neglected tropical diseases in countries who do not have reliable access to modern medicine. Based out of the United Kingdom, Sightsavers has multiple programs that they implement to achieve these aspirations. Blindness is devastating to those who it effects and can prevent them from earning their own income and living their life to the fullest without pain.


One of the latest initiatives of Sightsavers involves distributing deworming products to children in the non-developed areas that they work in. While there may not be much data yet about how deworming can improve the lives of those who it is distributed to, there is still evidence that it greatly reduces the worm load. Sightsavers is working with GiveWell in order to distribute this medication on a much greater scale. With preliminary studies showing at least some level of positive outcomes after smaller distributions, the low cost of the treatment has led them to see what happens on a larger scale.


Sightsavers and GiveWell have found it difficult to estimate what the exact cost of the initiatives will be as there are many factors that they cannot take into account yet. An early estimate suggests that it will only cost $1.19 to distribute the treatment to each child involved. For Sightsavers themselves, they estimate that they will be needing around $.55 per dose as they are expecting to receive help from different government organizations both locally and around the world as well as doses of the medication donated to their organization. They predict that there will be funding issues for their program that they hope will be remedied by donations in the next year.





Investment Acumen of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has made a name for himself through the major successes he has achieved since the beginning of his career. He served as a banker, and he is today a well-accomplished investor and advisor. Many people have looked up to his advises and guidance, and this has contributed to their overall success in their investments. Igor Cornelsen is known for the notable developments he brought in the Brazilian economy during his days while working with some of the country’s most prestigious financial institutions. Among the famous banks that he worked with include Multibanco, standard chartered bank, Libra Bank PLC, among many others. His vast experience and knowledge in the field have seen many people seek his counsel concerning the various strategies they can adapt to achieve success in their ventures.

Igor Cornelsen encourages investors to always conduct researches about investments through catching up with the latest news on social media or tv`s as well as newspapers. He believes that investors that are well updated on the emerging trends in the market ought to come up with the best solutions to handle them early enough, to protect their firms form failure as a result of unpreparedness. A vast number of people have taken heed to his advocations, and they have attributed their successes to the counsel of the renowned investor.

Besides, the renowned investor discourages investors from taking heed to opinions. He believes that facts are reliable and as long as one evaluates every situation accordingly, they ought to achieve success as long as they pay close attention to the things that can either fuel growth in a firm or bring it to its breakdown. Igor Cornelsen is a strong believer in hard work, and he believes that it is one of the major basis for a successful venture. His advocations have saved many investors from the hustle of paying extra cost while seeking professional help on increasing productivity in their investments.

Graeme Holm Elevates Infinity Group Australia to Prosperity

Graeme Holm cofounded Infinity Group Australia with Rebecca Walker in 2013. Their goal was to help the people of Australia secure their future and improve their finances. Since then, Infinity Group Australia has grown to become a global assets management and debt reduction service firm. The company’s growth is attributed to its customer-driven approach that was introduced by Graeme Holm. As the current director of Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm features in the list of Top 100 MBA Brokers.


Graeme Holm has accreditations in financial planning, real estate, and wealth management. In fact, he has 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. Graeme Holm began his career in the banking sector, and over time got frustrated with dealing with only one type of service and branded products. As a result, he realized that financial institutions could not give Australian families the value they deserved for their money. That’s what inspired him to establish the Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. through which he intends to change the financial lives of the Australians. The idea behind Infinity Group Australia was inspired by the need to guide and support ordinary Australians in their business endeavors.


Infinity Group Australia aims to use personal banker repay loans to solve challenges plaguing the mortgage market in Australia. Infinity Group Australia reviews assist clients in maintaining and developing budgets, detailed reviews, and monthly performance reports to ensure they achieve their financial goals. Over time, its efforts have yielded desirable results with most of its clients minimizing the duration of loan repayment from 12 months to 3 months. Through its retirement solutions, wealth creation, and debt reduction services, Infinity Group Australia has helped eliminate an average annual debt of $41,000 for each of its clients.


Graeme Holm points out that Infinity Group Australia has been prosperous in its endeavors because of its approach to its clients. It handles all financial issues on behalf of its clients to allow them go about their daily activities stress-free. Moreover, Infinity Group Australia advises its clients on potential investment opportunities to enable them to achieve things they thought were impossible. Infinity Group Australia leverages its culture of collaboration, excellent customer service, involvement with the community, and technology to offer top-notch financial management services. Learn more: https://customerexperienceevent.iqpc.com.au/downloads/cem-awards-2018-nomination-form-for-overall-best-customer-experience-organisation