Todd Lubar  Prominent Real Estate Investor and Consultant

Todd Lubar has emerged as one of the biggest real estate financing moguls in the United States in the past few years. He has been active in the real estate industry for nearly three decades, and he uses his experience to provide his clients with financial consulting services as well as helping people realize the numerous investment opportunities that are available across the country. However, the primary focus of Todd Lubar has always been the Baltimore real estate scene. As per the national news and some other real estate experts, the real estate industry in Baltimore is getting dull since the past few years, but Todd Lubar completely disagrees with it.


Todd Lubar asks people to look beyond what is being propagated in the mainstream media and does their research if they want to make money in the real estate market. Todd Lubar says even though the population in Baltimore has decreased to an extent in the past few years, there has been a rapid influx in the region of the youth. It has given a definitive boost to the economy of Baltimore and caused a surge in the real estate market. Taking it as a positive sign, many realtors and developers in the region are developing more properties and apartments, which are bought at a price much higher than the national average. Thus, the demand in the real estate market is only growing, and as per the current trend, it is expected to grow further shortly. It is why Todd Lubar asks the people to invest in Baltimore real estate market without any hesitation.


Todd Lubar has extensive experience with real estate investing, mortgage banking, and the financial world. Todd Lubar started his career by joining the Crestar Mortgage Corporation in Baltimore as a loan originator. He mastered the art of loan origination and helped the firm to increase its turnover to a significant margin by getting new clients at a rapid pace. The communication and negotiation skills of Todd Lubar helped him tremendously with it. After leaving Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar joined Legendary Financial and helped the company’s Maryland Office to grow exponentially under his leadership. Under his administration, several hundred million worths of business happened within a couple of years, making it one of the most profitable branches of the company.


Todd Lubar is a hardcore businessman from the heart and believes that one should always look out for new opportunities. It is why he is not solely involved with the real estate industry, but also owns a nightclub and runs an automotive scrapping business as well. He is the President at TDL Ventures, owns Legendary Investments, and is the Senior Vice President at Charter Funding.



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