Honey Birdette, Australia, United Kingdom and online

It is the first sensuality boutique in Australia. They revealed business expansion plans when they opened their US e-commerce site.Honey Birdette is expanding their presence in the UK, they plan on going from three to forty stores by the end of 2018. Eloise Monaghan founded Honey Birdette in Brisbane in 2006. Over the past year Honey Birdette has noticed an increase in sales by 374% due to US online sales. Ms. Monghan plans on creating a better shopping experience for her US based customers by providing free shipping on orders over $50 and is aiming to cut back on delivery time so customers receive their orders quicker.

Honey Birdette opened its first store in the UK in London’s Covent Garden in 2016. Shortly after the opening of the first UK store, They also have retail locations in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. They have revealed plans to open ten more stores in the United Kingdom within the next year. Honey Birdette has hopes to have a total of 40 new store locations by the end of 2018 with a few new locations being in England, Leeds and Newcastle.

As seen on Instagram, Honey Birdette frequently offers discounts on their online store. If a customer signs up for their email list they frequently offer a $10 off your first order discount. The Honey Birdette boutiques take pride in being flirty with lush decor. They offer champagne to all of their customers and provide personal shopping consultants to help customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

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