Securus Technologies CEO Highlights Differences Between Firm and Competitor

Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s largest providers of solutions and services to law enforcement and correctional agencies. Securus has just issued a press release in which it challenges rival firm GTL to have a virtual “bake off,” meaning that an independent expert would weigh the quality of each business’s platform, business model, and customer service in order to determine the market leader.


According to Securus CEO Rick Smith, GTL has attempted to pass itself off as the equal of Securus despite the fact that their technological capabilities and operational models are dated in comparison to those of Securus, which has invested more than $700 million into operations in the past four years. Smith believes that this investment has transformed the company into the undisputed market leader.


Securus boasts the world’s largest VOIP platform for correctional facilities, which makes it much easier for companies to update systems with new capabilities more efficiently and at a lower cost. As a result, many former GTL clients have contracted with Securus and many praise the quality of the company’s products and services as being superior.


Based in Dallas, Securus serves over 3,000 agencies and over a million inmates throughout the United States and Canada.


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